Multi Colroed Swarovski Cyrstal Handmade Jewelry w/ 22k Gold Plated GbcOoaVX

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    Swarovski Multi Colored Crystals Single Crystals Framed in 22k Gold Plated. The value of & Good Quality for Jewelry is very important it give you Sophisticate & elegant look. SWAROVSKI are the best

    Nothing shines sparkles or dazzles like genuine Swarovski Multi Colored. This is one made with better craftsmanship or finer components. These handmade beaded accented & framed in 22k Gold Plated Necklace & Earrings are handcrafted with 100% Swarovski Austrian Crystals Swarovski darling Crystals. This beautiful & dramatically elegant is is one made with better craftsmanship or finer component.<br><br><b>Material Used :</b> Swarovski Multi Colored 8mm framed in 22k gold plated Necklace<br><b>Necklace Length :</b> 20 inches with 22k Golden toggle clasp & have no extension <br><b>Earrings :</b> Swarovski 8mm Crystals with 22k gold plated earrings measured 2 inches <br><br><b>Free Customization Service :</b> We can make matching bracelet and/or customize the Jewelry per your style color choices<br><br><b>Guarantee :</b> 100% satisfaction for material & workmanship used in making this jewelry